Attendance/Truancy Policy



  • Teachers will be the first contact home when a student is absent from their class.
  • Students will have to make up missed classroom work for every absence.
  • Parents will be contacted by the administration in cases of excessive absenteeism. Students may be asked to withdraw from a course or from the school if they have excessive absenteeism.



We believe regular attendance to be the single greatest determinant of success in our school.  Despite all our efforts to support and encourage students to successful completion of their coursework and the meeting of learning outcomes, a student’s choices and actions can negate these efforts.  It is only through an effective partnership and clear communication between the school, the parents and the student that we can ensure success.

At Mount Elizabeth Middle Secondary School, we believe that the essence of our educational programs occurs in the classroom with skilled teachers.  Direct instruction, explanation, clarification, discussion, assessment, group tasks, practical experience and evaluation are all invaluable components of an effective learning environment.  Students who miss class time are at a greater risk of missing key aspects of their learning, and by extension, will reduce their chances of meeting the required learning outcomes of their courses.


Students are responsible to their classroom teachers for their late behaviour.  Teachers who have a concern about a student’s late behaviour will contact the parent/guardian to discuss their concern.  Following this contact if lateness persists, students should be referred to the office.

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