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Course Registration for Fall ’24 and Winter ’25 is now open!

Course registration for Fall and Winter opened in mid-May. Since, our teams have been assisting new admits with their timetabling and course selection.

The Student Advising team has added terrific tutorial videos for students to follow while identifying their required courses, timetabling the courses into a week of study, and registering and saving seats in classes.

These videos add to the terrific bank of self-service registration resources on the Student Advising site, which includes:

Where students can go for help: If you receive course registration questions from your students, please share with them the above links.

If they’ve reviewed and still have questions, please pass on that the Future Students team is here to answer their questions so they can be confident about their schedules. Our email is futurestudents@unbc.ca and our phone number is 250-960-6306.

 It is not too late to apply to UNBC for Fall ’24 or Winter ‘25

 Numerous programs are still accepting applications and offering admission for Fall 2024 and Winter 2025.

Interested students can connect with the Future Students team at futurestudents@unbc.ca or 250-960-6306 if they’d like to talk through the application and registration processes, preparing for university, or about the first year experience at UNBC.

Students can apply for study at UNBC through EducationPlannerBC.ca, the centralized application portal for British Columbia postsecondary.

As of June 6, 2024, the following programs are still accepting applications for Fall 2024:

General Entry Programs (non-competitive)

  • Bachelor of Arts (all majors)
  • Bachelor of Commerce (all majors)
  • Bachelor of Planning (all majors)
  • Bachelor of Science (all majors)
  • Undeclared

Competitive-Entry Programs

  • Bachelor of Applied Science (Engineering) – August 15 deadline; Fall entry only

Note: Certain programs have closed applications for 2024-25 entry, these are:

  • Bachelor of Education
  • Bachelor of Health Sciences
  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing
  • Bachelor of Social Work

Education, Social Work, and one stream of UNBC’s Nursing program all require prior postsecondary study before applying to and entering these programs. The prerequisite coursework can be completed by starting in a General Entry program. These general entry programs are still accepting applications for Fall 2024.



OUR AWARDS CEREMONY WILL BEGIN AT 10:30am.  The following link is to view the live stream for families to watch from home.


BUS 37 and 40 information for June 3