Mount Elizabeth Cafeteria

Buy your lunch passes now!  Weekly rate – $25.00.
For as little as $5.00 p/day, you will not have to
worry about what to make for lunch everyday.Don’t worry, MEMSS Cafeteria is still operating with
cash purchases as well. For more information, please contact:
Susie Smeader/MEFS @ 250 639-3963.






Chicken Quesidilla  (Friday Special) $6.00
Pasta Alfredo or Meat Sauce (Daily) $6.00
Chicken Pasta Ceasar (Thursday Special) $6.00
Chicken Chowmein (Wednesday Special) $6.00
Choc.Milk -sm OR coffee/drinks LG MILK/CHOC Mocha or Hot Chocolate $2.00-$3.00
Chicken Burgers   (Tuesday Special) $6.00
Chicken Strips  (Monday Special) $4.00
Greek Salad and Ceasar Salad (Daily) $5.00
Soup Of the Day $5.00
Coffee/Tea $2.00
Fruit Bags $2.00
Pesto/Foccacia $2.00
Cheese Biscuits $3.00
Cookies/Muffins $2.00
Pizza By the Slice $4.00
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