Use of cell phones, camera phones, digital products in school situations can be disruptive to the educational environment and is not acceptable.

Cell phones may be carried by students, but must not be visible to students and staff. The use of cell phones in the building is prohibited and any calls must be made or received off of school property.  Cell phones must be turned off everywhere in the building.  Exceptions will be made for medical or emergency situations with consultation and approval by administration.

Any form of picture taking can be considered an invasion of personal privacy; therefore before students take any pictures of the building, staff oir students, permission must be obtained from the administration, classroom teacher or club sponsor.  Permission must be gained of the subject before the image can be used in any way.  Violation of this policy will result in disciplinary measures, depending on the severity can also include the RCMP.  For standard policies on offences, please click on READ MORE.

1st offense:

  • confiscation
  • given to the Administration
  • returned to student at the end of the day

2nd Offense:

  • confiscation
  • given to the Administration
  • returned only to a parent

3rd Offense:

  • confiscation
  • given to the Administration
  • banned from possessing a cell phone on school property

4th Offense

  • at the discretion of the Administration


Every adult in the school (regardless of the role he or she plays in the school) has the responsibility to protect the learning environment and that includes confiscating cell phones during the school day (6:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.).  Failure to comply with a reasonable request (Eg. May I please have your cell phone!) of any adult will result in serious consequences.

Please keep your children informed about appropriate cell phone usage.  This will assist in the best learning environment for all children.

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