If you would like to contact a staff member, please call the school and ask to be transferred to their phone local.  If they are not available, please leave a message on their voicemail.


Principal Mrs. Christine Byrd christine.byrd@cmsd.bc.ca
Vice Principal Ms. Julia Jacobs julia.jacobs@cmsd.bc.ca
First Nations Support Gail Amos gail.amos@cmsd.bc.sa
Teacher Maureen Atkinson maureen.atkinson@cmsd.bc.ca
Teacher Malar Benet malar.benet@cmsd.bc.ca
School Secretary Carrie Brousseau carrie.brousseau@cmsd.bc.ca
Teacher – French Immersion Valerie Christiansen valerie.christiansen@cmsd.bc.ca
Teacher Laurel Dahler laurel.dahler@cmsd.bc.ca
Teacher Nick Dahler nick.dahler@cmsd.bc.ca
Teacher Susan Dobbin susan.dobbin@cmsd.bc.ca
Teacher Dave Durrant dave.durrant@cmsd.bc.ca
Teacher John Eckstein john.eckstein@cmsd.bc.ca
First Nations Support Karli Eide karli.eide@cmsd.bc.ca
Teacher Aliceyn Fokuhl aliceyn.fokuhl@cmsd.bc.ca
Teacher Nicole Goffinet nicole.goffinet@cmsd.bc.ca
Teacher Nadia Green nadia.green@cmsd.bc.ca
Teacher Arty Horianopoulos artemios.horianopoulos@cmsd.bc.ca
Counsellor Katherine Johnsen katherine.johnsen@cmsd.bc.ca
Teacher Rick Jones richard.jones@cmsd.bc.ca
Teacher Jennifer Knott jennifer.knott@cmsd.bc.ca
Teacher Raylene Krahn raylene.krahn@cmsd.bc.ca
Teacher Marlene Maier marlene.maier@cmsd.bc.ca
Teacher Terry Marleau terryg.marleau@cmsd.bc.ca
Counsellor Sheila McInnis sheila.mcinnis@cmsd.bc.ca
Student Records Clerk Deanna Muldoe deanna.muldoe@cmsd.bc.ca
Resource Program Manager Ana Pires ana.pires@cmsd.bc.ca
Band Teacher Courtney Preyser courtney.preyser@cmsd.bc.ca
Teacher Anna Rego anna.rego@cmsd.bc.ca
Teacher David Rodrigues david.rodrigues@cmsd.bc.ca
Teacher Stacey Rodrigues stacey.rodrigues@cmsd.bc.ca
Teacher Maryka Rypma maryk.rypma@cmsd.bc.ca
Teacher Beverley Shaw beverley.shaw@cmsd.bc.ca
Teacher Nick Sluyter nicholas.sluyter@cmsd.bc.a
Teacher John Sorenson john.sorenson@cmsd.bc.ca
Teacher Daniel Striker daniel.striker@cmsd.bc.ca
Teacher Michele Sutherland michele.sutherland@cmsd.bc.ca
Teacher Paula Tavenor paula.tavenor@cmsd.bc.ca
Bookkeeper Wendi Tse wendi.tse@cmsd.bc.ca
Teacher Kimberly Wilkinson kimberly.wilkinson@cmsd.bc.ca