The Doors open from 7:00-8:00pm.  Once students have entered the dance they may NOT leave and return.  All school dances end at 11:30pm.  The cost is $8.00 per person unless indicated otherwise.  Dances are for students of Mount Elizabeth and K.C.H. only.  If non students are invited to attend, invitations must be obtained from and approved by administration 1 week in advance.  Invitations are only applicable to the Christmas Dance.

Students are expected to abide by the standards of behaviour outlined in the Student Code of Conduct.  Students found under the influence of alcohol or drugs will be sent home with a parent or guardian and the School District Policy will apply.  Students who are found to be in violation of school rules will be suspended from school for 5 school days and from ALL dances for one calendar year.  No alcohol means NO ALCOHOL!

A student who is absent from any class on the day of the dance will not be allowed to attend the dance.  If a student is too ill to attend school they are too ill to attend the dance.  Some excuses such as a doctor or dentist appointment will be accepted and must be cleared with your classroom teacher.  Breach of school rules and unexcused absences, leading up to the dance, can also be a result in loss of dance privileges.

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