Some teachers have given permission to post their e-mail addresses below for parent/teacher contact.  Please always follow up with a phone message to the school teacher to ensure e-mails are received.  If there is no e-mail contact below for a teacher you are trying to contact, please call the school to be transferred to a teacher/councellor’s local.  If they are not available, please leave a message for their voicemail.


PRINCIPAL Ms. Geraldine Lawlor
Vice Principal Mr. Dan Striker
Counsellor (A-K) Sheila McInnis
Counsellor (L-Z) Katherine Johnsen
Bookkeeper Wendi Tse
Teacher Maureen Atkinson
Teacher Malar Benet
Executive Secretary Carrie Brousseau
Teacher Madeleine Christiansen
Career Prep Coordinator/Teacher Nick Dahler
P.E. Teacher Susan Dobbin
First Nations Support Nina Shaw
Teacher/Librarian Dave Durrant
Teacher – Resource Paula Tavenor
Teacher – French Immersion Caroline Collins
Teacher Aliceyn Fokuhl
Teacher Nadia Green
First Nations Support Rachel Joseph
First Nations Support Nina Shaw
Teacher Moreno Guizzo
Teacher Arty Horianopoulos
Teacher Rick Jones
Teacher Jennifer Knott
Teacher Kimberly Wilkinson
Teacher/Librarian Marlene Maier
Teacher Terry Marleau
Data Entry Clerk Deanna Muldoe
Teacher Laurel Neumann
Resource Program Manager Ana Pires
Band Teacher Courtney Preyser
Teacher Anna Rego
Teacher (D.L.) Maryka Rypma
Teacher Bev Shaw
Teacher Nick Sluyter
Teacher John Sorenson
Teacher Michele Sutherland
Teacher Rob Whitmell
Teacher Tom Wilkinson
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