Students/Parents – please click on link above and enter the USERNAME and PASSWORD assigned by your child’s teacher.  Each class/block will have a different username and password so be sure to check.

Teachers on My Gradebook assign students a username and password to enable access to information on grades, missing assignments, missed classes and more!  Its a great way to access information readily available at your convenience to keep informed and support your children in their education.


“The implementation of MyGradeBook has contributed to an improved success rate of communication between parents and teachers. Since parents are able to access their child’s progress in his classes, they have a better understanding of what is expected of their child. Likewise, as students become more familiar with the program and communication increases between their parents and their teachers, student progress improves. I strongly recommend that fellow educators use, because it effectively increases communication between parents, teachers, and students.”

Lisa, High-School Teacher, Monticello, New York
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