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Managing Stress related to COVID-19

News and information about the spread of COVID-19 around the world is coming at us quickly.  It can be hard to keep up and if you are keeping up on the latest, it can be even harder to remain calm given all that is going on. 

Access the following link to view the resource from the Ministry of Mental Health and Addictions for tips and information to help with stress management.

Managing COVID-19 Stress, Anxiety and Depression

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Report Cards

FYI:  Report Cards were sent home today with students.  A reminder:  Tomorrow and Thursday are early dismissal days.  Friday is a Non Instructional Day.  Any student who did not pick up their report card during today’s homeroom can do so in the office tomorrow.

Parent Teacher Conferences

Parent Teacher Conferences for Quarter 2 classes will be by telephone appointment only between 2:30pm-4:30pm on Wednesday, November 25th. Please contact the school to make your appointment with your child’s current Q2 teachers (Grades 8-12), or if your child is in Grade 7, with their current teacher.

Teachers will be contacting parents who have requested a telephone meeting during the first early dismissal day. (Wednesday, November 25th & Thursday, November 26th are early dismissal days – students will be dismissed at 2:15pm instead of 3:15pm)

Report cards will be handed out to all students on Tuesday, November 24th.

Christine R. Byrd, Principal