Back-packs should be brought to the school on the “walk-up” rehearsal day which is scheduled for Wednesday, June 22nd at 2:00 pm. Back-packs can be dropped off between 1:00 – 4:00 pm at the Cafeteria and they should be clearly marked with your name and cell number.  The bags will be searched and then transported to Tamitik arena where they will remain until the event begins.  Things to include this year;  towel, bathing suit, sandals, change of clothes, comfy shoes, a few toiletries and personal hygiene items. NO alchohol/drugs, tobacco, chew, e-cigarettes, lighters/matches, knives etc.

If you are not attending the rehearsal or cannot make it to the school to drop off your backpack, you must make arrangements to have your bag delivered to the school at this time. Only bags checked will be allowed into the event. There are NO exceptions!

Graduates attending the Dry Grad event will be transported to Tamitik Arena from MEMSS after the graduation ceremony on Friday, June 24th; the buses are being provided to us by the DOK and ALL graduates will be registered as they get on these buses.  There will be NO exceptions with respect to transportation:  if graduates plan to attend they must arrive via the provided bus transportation.  Expected time of departure is 9:45 pm.  Once at Tamitik graduates will be registered and they will be directed to the area where they can collect their back-packs.

Questions? Contact Nancyjane Harness @ 250-639-9110 or Lynda Rocha @ 250-639-6054

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