SCHOLARSHIP ALERTS – Grade 10 -12 Students


  • Youth Leadership Award: This award is for female students in grades 10-12. You will create a project of your own design to promote careers in STEM. We are looking for creative projects that make use of a variety of approaches including film, writing, workshops, games, hobbies, sports and demonstrations. Some ideas include YouTube videos about STEM, card games that explore different STEM careers, and fun activities that promote STEM. The successful candidate will receive a $500 honorarium for supplies to start the project and the remaining $500 honorarium upon completion of the project.
  • Youth Skills Development Scholarship: This scholarship is open to girls (age 16-21) in Canada. The scholarship is awarded to cover the costs of professional development, such as participating in science-related camps or courses. This $500 scholarship must be used to cover professional development expenses of equal or greater value, including associated costs or attendance fees.
  • Indigenous Youth Skills Award: This award is open to any Indigenous students looking to explore STEM fields by, for example, developing a project or by starting a science or math club at their school. The STEM-related activity will show creativity and inspire others in the Indigenous community to explore STEM fields. When submitting their application, students can specify what amount of funding you are applying for: $250, $500 or $1000.


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