Scholarship Opportunity – MEMSS 2023 Graduates

2023 BC Excellence Scholarship ($5000 Scholarship Voucher)

2023 Teacher Pathway Scholarship ($5000 Scholarship Voucher) are available now.  Only one nomination is available for each scholarship from our school.  Please see Ms. Johnsen in the counselling area, for further details and instructions.

Graduating students who are applying to post secondary schools and who meet the eligibility requirements for these awards can submit a written statement for consideration. In the written statement (maximum 500 words) describe how you have demonstrated one or more of the BC Curriculum Core Competencies in your most relevant volunteer or work experiences.

A rubric is available for drafting and completing this written statement on the BC Ministry of Education Website – Search for further information

Ms. Johnsen (Counsellor) will notify the nominees chosen for each of these awards. Nominees will then proceed with the application process on the BC Ministry website.

Selected nominee applications to the Ministry of BC Education are due no later than 2:45 pm on February 15th, 2023

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