Schulich Leadership Scholarships – Grade 12 Students

Schulich Leadership Scholarships – 2021-2022 Academic Year     (Search Schulich Leadership Scholarship for further details)

Are you a  Schulich Leader Nominee?  A Schulich Leader nominee achieves academic excellence + exhibits leadership, innovative, creative and charismatic + likely has financial need + plans to pursue a career in one or more of these focus areas, technology, engineering , entrepreneurship, business enterprise, applied science research

MEMSS Selection Process for nominations to the Schulich Leadership Scholarships is as follows: Only one nomination is available from our school.

Graduating students who are applying to post secondary schools connected to the Schulich Leadership foundation process and who meet the eligibility requirements for this award can submit a written request for consideration of nomination.

Requests for nomination are due:  Friday, January 21, 2022.  Please submit to Ms. K. Johnsen in Counselling.

Our nominated student will be contacted by January 24th, 2022. They will then proceed with the application process.


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